Japanese Language Department

Tokyo International Business College [TIBC] offers academic courses structured to fulfill future career paths for every student. In order to provide good standard education, TIBC provides a match of students’ dream and language skills with “Japanese language study + α” to raise the next capable global generations.

TIBC Characteristics

An Accredited Tertiary Institution
where you can learn "Japanese Language Study +α" !

Japanese language and cultural studies are always offered and at the same time we offer English studies (TOEFL/TOEIC/English University Entrance Exam), The Official Business skill test in Book-keeping, Microsoft Office Specialist, applying to Universities exam, and any other necessary exams for employment applications. Numerous international students obtain certificates and licenses through TIBC every year.

Seminar to Achieve Higher Score in Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students [EJU]

We offer specialized seminars such as Japanese as a foreign language, Mathematics I&II, Japan and world Interdisciplinary Studies, Chemistry, and Physics. We additionally offer mock exams at TIBC twice a year (May & October). Based on the mock exam results, students can determine to achieve higher scores.

Eligible to study business, translation, and interpretation studies by observing postsecondary course

We believe that students can learn more by learning about courses that interest them in Japanese. Advanced level students are eligible to observe those particular postsecondary courses and can improve their own Japanese skills by learning about these topics that interest them.

TIBC makes it possible to offer "Specialized career path guidance" as an Accredited Tertiary Institution

We offer career path guidance with faculty members who teach specialized courses. Along with providing mock exams, we offer dedicated seminars based on business interview etiquette and etc. We also offer research seminars for students aiming towards graduate schools, Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) seminar, previous exam review & practical seminar for students aiming towards universities, and career path guidance for students aiming for employment.

TIBC Accommodation available!
You can enjoy the life in Tokyo!

Every student who applies to TIBC accommodations can enjoy a highly secured student life. Plus, this accommodation is located 15 minutes walking distance from TIBC.

Japanese Language Curriculum

TIBC screens every student based on a proficiency exam and personal interview and all students can learn according to their level and they can learn in a comfortable environment. Each level is set for improving the four language skills of "Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing."

  Curriculum Goal Content
Level 1 6 months Pass N4 Exam Introduction level of
Kanji II, listening II, writing II, and interdisciplinary II
Level 2 3 months Pass N3 Exam Introduction level of
Kanji I, listening I, writing I, and interdisciplinary I
Level 3 3 months Pass N2 Exam Intermediate level of "Japanese grammar, words, Kanji", "Study Abroad Listening &Reading, and Writing", "Japanese Newspaper Reading and Analysis I", and Interdisciplinary I"
Level 4 6 months Pass N1 Exam Advance level of "Japanese grammar, words, Kanji", "Study Abroad Listening &Reading, and Writing", "Japanese Newspaper Reading and Analysis II", and Interdisciplinary II"
  • [N1-4 Exams: Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)]

Eligibility and Application Guideline

Applicants must hold the status of resident in Japan as permitted by the Immigration-Control Law and Refugee-Recognition Act. Each applicant also must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Has a clear purpose for study abroad in Japan and is able to provide legally acceptable documentation for application procedure.
  2. Has completed at least 12 years of formal school education overseas.
  3. Holds at least the 5th level certificate of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) conducted by the Association of International Education Japan or has completed at least 180 hours of Japanese language studies at any Japanese language institutes or schools.

Screening Procedure

Screening will consist of a total score coming from application documents, written examination results, and personal interview.

  1. Document Screening:
    Candidates must fill out the application form completely and correctly. [Must submit or bring an official ID photo attached transcript(s) from the last educational institution(s)]
  2. Written Examination:
    Basic proficiency exams and Japanese Language proficiency exam.
  3. Personal Interview:
    Only in Japanese

※In this personal interview, we mainly examine applicant’s enthusiasm for learning. (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, J-Test Certificate, Standardized University official exams score or certificates, or provide copies of anything equivalent to them)

School Expenses

  Enrollment Fee
Tuition Facility Maintenance Fee Textbooks & Miscellaneous Fees Total
1st Year 90,000yen 600,000yen 50,000yen 90,000yen 830,000yen
2nd Year 600,000yen 50,000yen 90,000yen 740,000yen
  • All candidates have to pay all the 1st year school expenses listed above (830,000yen) after receiving the certificate of eligibility and before arriving in Japan.
  • For second year students, on August 31th payment is due for October entry students and on February 28th payment is due for April entry students.
    - Students starting in October are required to enter to higher education institute after a year and a half of study. We will refund those students 370,000yen after the completion and proceeding to the next stage.
  • If the Japanese embassy or consulate does not issue a visa after you receive certification of eligibility, we will refund all the fees you paid (Except non-refundable 90,000 yen Entrance fee), but applicant is responsible to pay international bank wife-transfer fee.

Status of Residency in Japan (Student Visa)

  1. Students are only allowed to work up to 28 hours a week based on the Immigration-Control Law and Refugee-Recognition Act.
  2. Students are eligible to purchase commutation train permits with student discount.
  3. Some students are eligible to apply for the Scholarship that offered by Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO) if they have an excellent academic standard or is a role model of etiquette and manner.

Accommodation Information

All students of TIBC are qualified to stay at our convenient accommodation.

  1. 7 minutes by train or 15 minutes of walking distance to the campus.
  2. Double or Quad room floor plans
  3. Submitting Guarantor Document is not necessary
  4. Provided room facilities (Study desk, Bed, closet, room light, Air-Conditioning, and refrigerator)
  5. All applicants must stay at least 6 months and we do not allow to move out and break this contract. If any students need to move out after less than 6 months contract, they are still required to pay for those rest of the rent based on this 6 months mandatory contract.
  Admission Fee Rent(3 months) Utility fee(3 months) Deposit Bedding Fee Total
[2 students per room]
30,000yen 120,000yen
15,000yen 10,000yen 15,000yen 190,000yen
[4 students per room]
30,000yen 75,000yen
15,000yen 10,000yen 15,000yen 145,000yen
  • This accommodation contract can be extended by your request
  • Excludes 15,000yen if you prefer to purchase your own bedding set.
  • Prices listed above is per person.
  • Accommodation contract is for 6 months
  • Money transfer of accommodation fees for the first 3 months is required before your arrival
  • After 3 months of stay, residents can pay monthly by bank wire transfer system.
  • Double room: 45,000yen/month (Utility fees included for payment)
  • Quad room: 30,000yen/month (Utility fees included for payment)
  • Deposit will be refunded depending on room condition and payment status. If the maintenance exceeds 10,000yen, we might ask you to pay those extra expenses.
  • Shared facility:Shower room, kitchen, toilet, washing machine, and study room.

School Curriculum Schedule

Classes are separated by the results of placement proficiency exam. Curriculum schedule is divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Classes are held on either half of the day 5 days a week.

  1. Morning Session : 8:45 am - 12:10 pm
  2. Afternoon Session : 1:00 pm - 4:25 pm
  • No schools on Sat, Sun, National holidays, Easter, Summer, Winter holidays.

Application Checklist


All applicants need to carefully follow this list

  Documents Translation
1 6 copies of ID Photos
(3cm x 4cm)
-- 1.Colored photo (No hats or cap, plane background), taken within 3 months.
2.Photos taken by digital cameras or copied photos are NOT acceptable)
2 Resume 1
TIBC resume format
-- Educational background, employment experience, and your current address
3 Resume 2
TIBC resume format
Indicate translated reason why you want to study at TIBC
4 Original copy of graduation certificate Provide your graduate certificates from the last educational institutes
Certificate of pending graduate certificate School address, phone number, signature of officials, school or official's seal
5 TIBC Application -- TIBC application format with attached photo
6 Applicant's Residency Record -- Original Residency Record (If you provide a copy, it need to be clear and original size copy)
Transcript Official transcript from the last graduated educational institutes which indicate school name, address, official’s signature and seal
7 Prove document or certificate of Japanese Language School Official certificate or document from the last graduated educational institutes which indicate school name, address, official's signature and seal
8 Evidential Documents If you have work experience or any other educational background, official transcript, certificate, or document from the last graduated educational institutes or organizations which indicate the name, address, official's signature and seal
  1. Substitute writings are NOT acceptable. Please make sure to write your own necessary documents
  2. All the documents from Immigration office need to be within 3 months from issued date.
  3. Please inform us if you need document translation assistance.
Pledge of Payment and Documents
  Documents Translation
1 Document of pledge of document The first year payment of 830,000yen and eligibility of this pay
2 Relationship to the applicant Name, address, date of birth
3 Bank Statement -- Indicates last 3 months
4 Certificate of current employment Company's name, address, phone number, Fax number, official's signature and seal
5 Tax Statement Indicates last 3 years of tax payment and statement
6 Eligibility of ownership of business in Japan -- Only if you are the owner of the business or organization
7 Copy of Bank book and time deposit ticket --  
8 Copies of other financial resources --  
9 Copy of Pledge of payment's residency record -- Copies of all pages of residency record

Entrance Screening

We will screen and check document submission and eligibility of entrance

Personal Interview

After screening, we will examine the applicant’s Japanese proficiency, educational background, study enthusiasm, payment eligibility, accommodation application, and the purpose of the study in Japan.

Application and visa sponsorship

If we find any errors, you need to re-submit these documents. We send all necessary documents to the Immigration Office by the following schedule:

  1. April Entry: End of December (Previous year)
  2. October Entry: End of June (Same year)

Announcement of application result

After the document is submitted to the Immigration Office it takes approximately 1-2 months to receive visa information. We send out the announcement of application results as soon as we receive those visas and also send tuition payment and other important information as well. All applicants need to make sure to apply for a passport or extend the expiration date.

Tuition Payment

Review all send out information and complete tuition payment by the deadline. After we acknowledge the payment, we will send a Letter of Acceptance and Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status.

Visa Application

After you receive Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status, please continue and complete the procedures to obtain your visa at nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.

For more information, please contact
Tokyo International Business College.
Yanagibashi 2-7-5,Taito-ku,Tokyo,Japan
TEL: +81-3-5825-8338
FAX: +81-3-3863-0147
e-mail: info@tibc.jp