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Tokyo International Business College was established in 2003 in Asakusabashi, Tokyo, located only 10mins by train from Tokyo station. There are many attractive places for foreigners around the college such as Akihabara and Asakusa. In addition to the proximity to major hubs in Tokyo, Asakusabashi has direct line to both major airports, Narita, and Haneda International Airports.
With students from more than 20 countries including Japan are studying together. Taking part in our practical curriculum in this international environment, students naturally acquire global awareness and compassion for others that will help them in the future.

Japanese language department

Supporting the endeavors of your goals to lead to higher education and employment…
That is what we do at TIBC.

TIBC is located in Asakusabashi—nearby the globally famous hubs of Japanese culture, Asakusa and Akihabara— At the Japanese Language Department, first-year students will learn how to advance their Japanese language skills, and second-year students are offered preparatory courses according to each of their career goals. Those seeking employment post-graduation will also learn job searching skills, such as how to wear suits, professional etiquette, and interview skills, while those aiming for higher education will be offered support to enter universities, such as prep work for the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) and creation of research proposals.

Japanese Pamphlet

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Unique Features of the Japanese Language Department

1. Begin life in Japan at the heart of the global hub of Tokyo

TIBC is located just one train station away from Akihabara, the center of Japanese subculture of anime, two stops away from Asakusa, the mecca of Tokyo sightseeing that gathers over 30 million people each year at the heart of Tokyo. It is also directly accessible from the two major airports of Tokyo, Haneda and Narita Airport, making it the perfect location to start life in Japan.

2. Curriculums created for each of your academic/professional needs

At TIBC, we utilize know-how cultivated from student advisory experience on admissions to difficult-to-enter universities, with an organization comprised of experienced staff to support those with high ambitions for advancement. We also provide individual employment advice that cannot be covered during classes at our Career Support Center, working together with students to achieve their dream of working in Japan.

3. Discover your own joys of Japan through various cultural events

Every month, we offer at least one opportunity to plan a cultural event in order to deepen understanding of Japanese culture outside of the realms of the classroom. Planned under the motto of “experiences unique to TIBC,” some past events include trips like climbing Mt. Fuji and visiting Kyoto and Nara, as well as courses such as learning how to wear kimono and making furin (Japanese wind chimes).

4. Aim to reach your goals as quickly as possible utilizing the advantages of a Japanese Language Department within a Business School

Students enrolled at the Japanese Language Department can also attend specialized courses when not in their own class. We also accept attendance to seminars (free elective classes) that provide help for students to acquire recommended qualifications, as well as prep seminars for JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test), EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students), and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).


University Preparatory Course
(Difficult-to-enter universities, vocational schools, and other higher education)

Unique Features of Learning:

①Programs with a clear path to graduation

First-year students will learn Japanese skills adept for employment or higher education, while second-year students will advance their knowledge through writing research proposals and practicing interview skills.

② Acquire Japanese skills adept for university education

Practice test prep while learning Japanese, with courses integrated with countermeasures for Japanese language tests such as JLPT and EJU.

③Advance your skills further according to your passion

Aim to improve Japanese skills through cram schools, independent study, and attending specialized courses.

Accepted to Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Sophia University

Graduated from University Preparatory Course, Japanese Language Department

Xingjun Lu

【Student Case Study】
Xingjun Lu
Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics,
Sophia University

After arriving to Japan with the goal to enter a Japanese university,
I began studying for exam prep soon after entering the Japanese Language Department. With untiring attentiveness in class and diligent efforts day in and day out, I worked to become the leading example for classmates. As a result, I achieved my goal and was accepted into the Faculty of Economics at Sophia University.

General Course (Employment, etc.)

Unique Features of Learning:

①Aim for direct employment from the Japanese Language Department

First-year students will learn sufficient Japanese necessary for employment, while second-year students will learn how to understand their aptitude through self-analysis and practice creating job applications and conducting job interviews.

②Achieve Japanese skills adept for the service industry

Learn Japanese with a focus on vocabulary and keigo (honorific language) necessary for the hospitality field and learn of the mindset and philosophies of hospitality in order to become a talent adaptable to Japanese work environments immediately after securing employment.

③Participate in qualification seminars

Participate in qualification seminars geared for those in the professional program, and apply to obtain qualifications such as bookkeeping and MOS.

④Internship program

Gain working experience through internships available within hotels and restaurants related to TIBC.


Graduated from General Course, Japanese Language Department

Moreno Arrones Loriente Lucia

【Student Case Study】
Moreno Arrones Loriente Lucia

I am glad I came to Tokyo to study Japanese. Before coming to Japan, I couldn’t even speak conversational Japanese, but through classes at school and my part-time job, I was able to improve my Japanese skills. Job hunting was challenging, but with much practice for interviews, I was able to find full-time work as an employee.

Application Requirements

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